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Volunteer Alexandria stands united against hate, violence, racism and intolerance against the Black community. As an organization working with a richly diverse volunteer community, we salute the peaceful protestors on the front lines of social injustice making their voices heard. We encourage everyone to take action now to empower our community. Please consider the following:

- Volunteer your time and skills to make Alexandria safe and equitable for all our neighbors, especially those populations vulnerable to COVID -19.
- Build connections with your Alexandria neighbors by being kind and helpful toward each other.
Be an advocate! Use your voices and share them to benefit the community. (Shared Voices of Alexandria, Black Lives Matter
- Donate to organizations that are leading change. 

We are committed to learning from, listening to, and standing with Black leaders in our community. We stand together, as active allies, with our volunteers, partners, and the entire Black community.

In Solidarity, Volunteer Alexandria

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