Welcome Nonpofit Organizations!

Volunteer Alexandria is committed to support your programs and services by promoting your volunteer needs and providing you with a volunteer registration and tracking system.  Now you are ready to post with us. Please view the User Guide and email us if you need help.

Log in your account through the blue login icon in the upper right hand corner of this page to update your profile and add or update volunteer listings. Use the "Forgot Password" link if you no longer have your login information.

We recommend that your organization has only one active page. We do not have access to passwords, but can reset it for your e-mail if needed. For best results with your volunteer listing:

  • Keep opportunity listings updated
  • keep opportunity descriptions short and to-the-point - list 3 key skills and 3 key responsibilities
  • Update your organization's contact information and opportunity coordinator

Be sure to point out benefits and experience to be gained by the volunteer in this position, skills that a volunteer can contribute or learn as well as skills needed to fulfill the positon. Include information about the amount of time a volunteer can expect to spend - per week, per month &/or the duration of the opportunity.

Need a group of volunteers for ANY tasks year-round? E-mail Marion We will assist you in recruiting and managing volunteers for events or projects.

Need some help in working with groups? Call us and we will assist you so YOU can assist in coordinating a project for your agency for the group. E-mail our Volunteer Manager.

We also encourage you to nominate your volunteer stars - individual and businesses, who provide outstanding service to your organization. Nomination forms are available to your left. Taking the time to recognize your volunteers is important. Integrating thoughtful recognition in your program makes volunteers feel rewarded, valued and positive about your volunteer program. Recognition by and in front of peers, professional associates, friends and/or community neighbors is the most meaningful kind of recognition (Bruny, 1981). Meaningful recognition leads to increased satisfaction, which leads to increased volunteer retention. Volunteer Alexandria offers a venue for you to highlight your stars.

Nominate a Business of the Year at the Annual Business Philanthropy Summit. 

Recognize your star volunteers by nominating them for an award at the Volunteers are the Heart of Alexandria volunteer recognition event.
Marian Van Landingham Lifetime Achievement Award Form
Joan White Grassroots Volunteer Service Award Form
Youth Volunteer Service Award Form
Emergency Preparedness Volunteer Service Award Form