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Volunteer Registration

Welcome, volunteers! We stand ready to help you find the right fit for your time and talents among hundreds of opportunities in the DC area. 

If you’re a pre-trial client or have court-related issues, register with Court Services.

It's easy to get started

1. Register as a volunteer

You'll need to complete a profile before you can sign up to volunteer. 

- Tell about your interests and skills for the best matches
- Agree to our terms
- Provide some demographic info to help us secure grants

2. Browse volunteer needs and events in our database

3. Sign up and get involved

What are some things to consider as a volunteer? 

  • Where to volunteer and how much time you want to spend
  • Your personal passion --what you truly enjoy doing or specific causes you want to support
  • Your unique skills, talents, abilities, and experience
  • Your personal goals from volunteering
  • One-time event or a longer-term opportunity

Why do people volunteer? 

  • Volunteering provides a great opportunity to get to know your community and neighbors and the issues your community faces.  
  • Giving your time and talents gives you the chance to learn new skills or refreshing your talents to help an organization that might otherwise have to pay for such services
  • You’ll have fun to do in your spare time, make new friends and expand your network.
  • Volunteering is good for your health! It may reduce stress and enhance your mood and emotions.
Organizations benefit, too! Volunteering saves nonprofits money. The estimated value of a volunteer per hour in Virginia is $32.59, as of 2022. Organizations that enlist volunteers who donate their time and services saves them from having to hire staff or a contractor to do the job. Volunteers provide IT support, HR functions, marketing and communication support, construction expertise, administrative assistance, and much more. Volunteers serve as Board and Committee members and help with one-time and long-term projects. These organizations need people with all types of skills including manual labor.
Will your employer match your donation? Did you know that your employer may match your contribution? Check the Corporate Matching Programs PDF to see if your employer is listed. This isn’t a complete list – if you don’t see your employer listed here, please ask your company if it offers a Matching Gift Program.

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