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Welcome Volunteers! Thank you very much for your interest in volunteering! Our database includes hundreds of opportunities in the Greater Washington area. It’s easy, fun, very rewarding, and beneficial for our communities. Let’s get you started. Register and create your profile. then, use the search engine to browse our database. Consider the following:

- Where do I want to volunteer?
- How much time can I spend?
- What is my passion and what do I like?
- What skills would I like to use?
- Where are my talents and experiences?
- Is there a specific cause I like to support?
- What would l like to gain from volunteering?
- Do I want to volunteer one time or find a long-term commitment?
Why do People Volunteer?
There are many benefits to volunteering, both, for you and the community you volunteer within. Volunteering provides a great opportunity to get to know your community and neighbors and the issues your community faces.  It also provides for personal development; learning new skills or putting your skills to good use to help an organization who otherwise may have to pay such services; it provides you with something meaningful and fun to do in your spare time, while meeting new people and expand your network.  Volunteering is good for your health as it may reduce stress and enhances your mood and emotions. It’s good all around.
Impact of volunteering for organizations:
It saves money. The estimated value of a volunteer per hour in Virginia is $28.46 as of 2019. Organizations receiving volunteers interested in utilizing their professional skills (pro bono) may save a lot of money because they don’t need to hire staff or a contractor to do the job. Volunteers provide IT support, HR functions, construction expertise, administrative assistance, and much more.  
What do our Partners Say:

"With the reinvigorated garden movement sweeping across the nation, Carpenter’s Shelter wants to join in by starting a garden with fresh fruits and vegetables for our residents. We hope to turn an unused space in our courtyard into a bustling garden, which will empower volunteers to expand their use of produce in their meals for the shelter. Volunteers are needed to help with removal of a tree, preparing the soil, building raised beds, planting seeds and general outdoor clean-up of the area. This would be a wonderful project that would benefit the residents of Carpenter's Shelter in many ways.  We're very excited to work with Volunteer Alexandria on a project this year!" 

"The playground and the community garden were made possible through community partnerships and grants. ARHA's slogan is "building community partnerships" and we would like to continue that tradition because we believe in the power of great partnerships to effect change in the community we serve. This service day will help maintain these projects as symbols of pride for the residents and the city of Alexandria." Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority 

"We have 16 bedrooms at Alexandria Community Shelter for our 65 residents.  We would love to add color to one wall of each room!" Alexandria Community Shelter, New Hope Housing  

"We are poised to nearly double the capacity of our Residential program (thru locating more beds at another facility).  We are in great need of showing off our current home to be the beautiful, special place that helps women transform their lives...this will help us build support in the community not just to help us raise more money (which is always great), but also to raise awareness about the tremendous woman we are helping to rebuild their lives!" Guest House