Career Opportunities with Volunter Alexandria - Come join our team!


Civic Engagement Manager: Civic Engagement is a powerful source for solving community problems, a creative use of human resources and essential for a healthy, productive, and engaged society. Since 1980, the mission of Volunteer Alexandria is to connect and match people seeking opportunities with organizations in need of human resources to support their programs and services. The Civic Engagement Manager (CEM) oversees various programs and projects Volunteer Alexandria implements to ensure effective alignment with the organization’s mission and the program’s goals. The CEM will manage and monitor the progress of several projects within their program to make sure they follow this direction and exceed these goals. The CEM is responsible for overseeing the development of programs that support our main objectives. This position is managing the Volunteer and Database Coordinator, Social Media and office volunteers, as well as responsible for the execution of agency’s programs to ensure that volunteers are engaged and excited about the mission of Volunteer Alexandria. Flexible hours, teleworking possible. More details can be found HERE. Please send your resume along with saraly requirements to Marion Brunken.


Development Committee Positions: Support Volunteer Alexandria staff and the Board of Directors in fundraising effectively. 
The Development Committee is responsible for creatingand executing an annual fundraising plan in partnership with the Executive Director; Solicit sponsorships for Volunteer Alexandria; Provide recommendations on the fundraising/budgetary goals proposed by staff; Evaluate previous year’s fundraising strategy and contribute ideas for next year’s strategy; Evaluate special events for return on investment, lessons learned, and results; Brainstorm potential sponsors both locally and nationally; Make connections between potential donors and sponsors and Volunteer Alexandria; and provide recommendations and encourage board involvement in fundraising. Register online or contact Executive Director, Marion Brunken at


Board Positions: Volunteer Alexandria is looking to add new perspectives, creative energy, and untapped networks to move our organization forward. If you are interested in bringing your leadership capabilities to building community, a position on our Board of Directors may be right for you!

Experience Needed
Successful candidates will have experience in at least one of the following areas:

  • Bilangual a plus - Spanish, Amharic, Korean, Farsi

  • Fundraising

  • Communications/Public Relations/Event Planning

  • Finance and Fiscal Management

  • Organizational Development

  • Technology

  • Human Resources

  • Legal

Connections to pro bono services, potential donors (business or individual), potential volunteers, strategic collaborations, and other areas are also helpful. Previous nonprofit board experience is a plus.

Contact Executive Director, Marion Brunken at