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Volunteer Alexandria is in the business of helping Alexandrians give back to this City with their whole heart, through volunteering. We are essentially matchmakers who provide connections between volunteers and nonprofits or City agencies needing assistance the most. 

Your contribution will assist the senior who is looking for volunteer work; the youth who are in need of community service; the unemployed who are looking for volunteer work to stay involved; and to all of the agencies that are in need of volunteers to deliver meals, sit with elderly who are alone, repair homes for our veterans, read to children, foster animals, prepare lunches for the homeless, and much more.

Your dollars will help Volunteer Alexandria to HELP OTHERS!

This was an incredible blessing for us.
— Chris Furr, Pastor of First Christian Church in Alexandria, responding enthusiastically to the help his church received from a volunteer architect who was matched with the church to complete architectural plans.

Donate to Volunteer Alexandria to support programs that benefit our community! Maintaining parklands, caring for youth and elderly, supporting the efforts of area nonprofits, promoting culture and the arts, beautifying the city, developing hands-on job skills, leadership, emergency preparedness and so much more...

What We Do:

Create Connections - Volunteer Alexandria serves as the "Matchmaker" between the volunteers who want to help, and nonprofits who need extra hands. We're a resource for youth, seniors and all ages between - or those who are new to the area or looking for new skills & challenges.

Plant the Seed - We focus on projects that have a payoff now & in the future: projects such as eco clean-ups and city beautification, but also Youth Leadership programs introducing our next generation to volunteerism and community involvement!

Generate Awareness - Throughout the year Volunteer Alexandria raises awareness about Emergency Preparedness and promotes the important programs and events benefitting local nonprofits.

Recognize Results - Volunteer Alexandria is proud to honor Alexandrians for leadership, vision, effectiveness and philanthropic spirit. Service and leadership awards give recognition to those who work hard making Alexandria the kind of place we want to live!

Alexandria would not be the same without all the wonderful volunteers who give so generously of their time, energy and experience. They make it possible for our residents to enjoy so many programs that otherwise wouldn't exist. Thank you volunteers and thank you Volunteer Alexandria!
Del Pepper,  former Councilwoman and former Vice Mayor, City of Alexandria

For more information Volunteer Alexandria visit our website or contact Marion Brunken,

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