Young people are our next generation of philanthropists. Volunteer Alexandria’s youth and family volunteer program promotes civic responsibility and recognizes community service. Whether your family is one parent/guardian and one child or an extended family, families engaged in service frequently develop a lifelong commitment to volunteering.

Our goal is for children, ages 6 to 18, to become involved in their community. We create projects for youth as young as six years old. Help us engage them in volunteering! Make an investment to support family volunteering by donating $25 or more. Make a donation today! Check out what Mitchell and Claire have to say about their volunteer experience. 

Current Volunteer Opportunities for Youth: 

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All Ages

No opportunities at this time for all ages.


We offer middle and high school students a service-learning program during school breaks called Breaks With Impact. Learn more about this program HERE.

Saturday Volunteer (click here). ALIVE! is looking for volunteers every Saturday. The role will consist of accepting deliveries, crating fruits and vegetables, packing boxes, and all other tasks that may need to be done. Some tasks require lifting and/or moving possibly heavy items.

Snow Buddies (click here). Volunteer Alexandria needs volunteers interested in shovelling snow and ice for low-income seniors in the City of Alexandria after winter storms.


Concert Event Volunteer for Saturday evenings or Sunday afternoons. The ASO is looking for volunteers to provide assistance in creating a smooth event experience for concert goers, musicians, and staff for Saturday evening and/or Sunday afternoon events. Concerts scheduled for the weekends of November 6 - 7, December 17 & 19, February 12 - 13, and April 23 & 24. Volunteers needed for event set up, box office, usher, tickets, reception area, greeting, or ticket validation. Must be fully vaccinated. 4/24/22


Sort Donations with UpCycle. Help sort, organize, and prepare donations to go out into the shop. 1/29

ALIVE! Grocery Bag Packers. ALIVE! is looking for individuals to bag grocieries for their mass food distributions at their warehouse on 116 S Quaker Lane. There are 2 shifts during the day: 9am to noon or 1pm to 4pm. Participants must express interest first by clicking here. 12/31

Kids Club Volunteer. Support academic, social-emotional, and character growth in elementary students by providing reading buddies, homework help, engaging in games, team building activities, art projects, and off-site tripsParticipants must express interest first by clicking here. 12/17

Sorting & Organizing Volunteer. Sort and organize clothing for Look Again Retail Shop. The volunteer would sort the items, hang them on racks, put them on shelves, and would throw unacceptable items out. Participants must express interest first by clicking here. 12/31

Search for these agencies to view and register for a volunteer opportunity.


1 – Children develop compassion as they learn the value of giving to others. They learn to appreciate what they have and learn to work with others.

2 – Volunteering encourages children to do things at which they excel, as well as things they’d like to learn. Moving beyond their comfort zone helps build self-confidence.

3 – Children discover inner strengths and life skills by volunteering. Teamwork, tolerance and problem-solving help them cope with daily challenges in their own lives.

4 – Children learn how to be a valued member of their community. Growing up with a greater sense of social responsibility makes them more likely to volunteer throughout their lives.

5 – Volunteering gives kids the chance to meet people from different backgrounds and to make new friends. It enhances their emotional development, fostering socializing and communication.

6 – Volunteering shows the next generation how to be what Mahatma Gandhi said was to “Be the change they wish to see in the world.”

YES, I will financially support youth and family volunteering! Funds will be used to purchase project materials.
Watch the Family Volunteer Day Video

The following agencies accept youth volunteers and young adults. Search for these agencies to view and register for a volunteer opportunity.

Volunteer Alexandria (6+)
ALIVE (12+)
Church of Saint Clement (12+)

City of Alexandria Parks & Recreation (16+)
Fly Minds Youth Development Club (16+)
Girls on the Run NOVA (16+)
The Child & Family Network Centers (16+)
Wright to Read (16+)

Alexandria Tutoring Consortium (18+)
Boys and Girls Club (18+)
Communities in Schools of NOVA (18+)
Senior Services of Alexandria (18+)
The Campagna Center (18+)
The Alexandria Redevelopment & Housing Authority (18+)
Alexandria City Public Schools (18+)