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Volunteer Alexandria (VolALX), a 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization, is your Community Resource for Volunteerism. Since its founding in 1980, VolALX has served as a link between individual and group volunteers and nonprofit organizations and City agencies in need of support. VolALX works in partnership with nonprofits, government and the business community to inspire people to volunteer, and to engage volunteers in activities that in turn strengthen our community. Our vision is that all are engaged to make a difference in Alexandria through volunteering. 

Our Mission: Inspire and mobilize people to volunteer for a stronger Alexandria community. 

Our Values: 
People – We believe that through volunteer service people have the capacity to enrich their own lives and improve the quality of life in Alexandria. Volunteer Alexandria believes an active volunteer community creates an environment in which all people thrive. 

Equity – We believe in fair access, opportunity and advancement for all people. Volunteer Alexandria strives for a community where all people can thrive regardless of skin color, ethnicity, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, or citizenship status.

Diversity – We recognize all people have time and talents to share, and that Alexandria is strengthened when people connect across differences through volunteer service.

Collaboration – We realize that Volunteer Alexandria is at its best when engaged in collaborative efforts which bring together individuals, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, government, nonprofit, faith-based and other community organizations to achieve a common vision of a better Alexandria.  

Excellence – We commit to implementing innovative and effective strategies, holding ourselves accountable for results, and sharing knowledge and best practices with others.

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