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Board or Committee Service

Interested in serving on a nonprofit board of directors or on a committee?

Every nonprofit organization is governed by a board of directors that loses members every year. You might be surprised to learn that your skills, experiences, passion to serve, network and connections make you uniquely qualified as an ideal board member and volunteer.

Board and committee members generally get along well with others, plus offer financial expertise, personal experience, professional skills and access to a variety of resources. Serving on a board requires strong leadership, commitment to the organization’s mission and time. Board of directors can expect to provide fiscal oversight, fundraising, strategic planning and personnel actions, in addition to showing up. Most boards meet six times a year plus monthly or bi-monthly committee meetings. Appointed board members may find the experience challenging and deeply rewarding. 

When you consider joining a board:

  • Learn more about the organization (mission and vision, programs, services, challenges, financial health)
  • Talk with current board members to learn more about the culture and environment
  • Evaluate the need for your skills and experiences
  • Serve on a committee first to learn more about the culture of the NPO, supporters, and staff
  • Support the organization’s initiatives
  • Refresh your resume
  • Prepare for an interview

Nonprofits currently seeking new board members: 

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