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Volunteerism is a powerful force for solving community problems, a creative use of human resources, and essential for a healthy, productive, and engaged society.

Founded in 1980, Volunteer Alexandria connects people to meaningful volunteer opportunities. We serve as a link between individual and group volunteers and area nonprofit organizations and events in the City of Alexandria and the surrounding community. We’re the primary volunteer resource in the heart of Alexandria that mobilizes helping hands for those who need them most and providing volunteers with opportunity. Our website and volunteer opportunity database help match potential volunteers to committed organizations making a difference. We support more than 350 nonprofit and city agencies by promoting their needs and recruiting volunteers.

Community Service Volunteers is a fee-based placement program for people required by courts to perform community service hours. This program strives to provide nonprofits with volunteers, to place court-referred clients in community service setting for constructive completion of required hours, and reduce expenses for government programs which would otherwise have to employ these individuals.

Business Connections is a program that helps Alexandria’s business community meet pressing needs and enhancing their own employees by engaging them in community service. Business Connections offers opportunities for employees and members to actively engage in community life, participate in teambuilding projects and gain expertise that increases skills, while aligning the company’s mission and goals with community service. Volunteer Alexandria works with numerous nonprofit and municipal agencies in Alexandria to support people in need.

Disaster & Emergency Preparedness Training offered through Volunteer Alexandria recruits and manages unaffiliated volunteers during an emergency. In collaboration with the City of Alexandria’s Office of Emergency Management and other volunteer centers and nonprofits within the National Capitol Region, Volunteer Alexandria continues to fulfill its mission by meeting the needs of the community by mobilizing people during emergency.

Youth and Family Volunteering Program promotes civic responsibility, plus increases, facilitates, and recognizes community service among young people in Alexandria through volunteerism. Our goal is that all children and youth, aged 6 to 21, thrive and are engaged in their community!

RSVP Northern Virginia - 55 & Greater serves residents 55 and older who are interested in making an impact. There are many ways to be involved in the community such as volunteering, attending the Speaker Series, or becoming a RSVP Northern VA volunteer.  

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