Volunteer Reception Center - Volunteer Alexandria needs volunteers to staff a Volunteer Reception Center (VRC). Volunteers play a significant role before and when a major disaster occurs. In the event of a major disaster or emergency affecting the Alexandria community, the VRC would serve as the City’s agent to register and coordinate assignment of spontaneous community volunteers to safely and efficiently meet City disaster response and recovery needs and priorities.


VRC Training Opportunities - Volunteer Alexandria conducts VRC orientations and tabletop exercises at its offices. Trained VRC staff also may participate in training and exercises with City and other local community emergency management organizations.


VRC Orientations - An overview for potential VRC staff or volunteers describing a VRC, its staffing and operations, and its role as part of the City of Alexandria's Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan.


VRC Tabletop Exercises - These VRC Tabletop exercises are intended to provide diaster volunteers an opportunity to learn the roles and responbilities of VRC volunteer staff and to practice processing Spontaneous, Unaffilated Volunteers.


Volunteers play a substantial role before and when a major disaster has been declared. A considerable amount of planning and preparation is necessary prior to an event in order to utilize volunteers efficiently during response and recovery efforts for the City of Alexandria. For more information and to participate in these trainings, register today for "VRC Orientation" or "Volunteer Reception Center Staff" or send email to emergencyresponse@volunteeralexandria.org or 703-836-2176.