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Community Service (CSVs) provide hundreds of volunteers and thousands of community service hours every year and are a valuable resource that nonprofit and city agencies can utilize. Volunteers perform a wide variety of tasks, including office help, cleaning, landscaping, painting, providing customer service, sorting and organizing donations, taking photos, write newsletter, and many other ways. 

Host a CSV. To become a placement site, register online with Volunteer Alexandria.

Be sure to specify on the form which charges are acceptable to you. Contact our program manager if you have questions or need guidance via email.

CSVs are only placed at agencies registered with Volunteer Alexandria and select placement options.  

Pre-Placement Interview. A pre-placement interview is conducted with each volunteer by the program manager in order to match all agency requirements. The CSV is referred to the site supervisor who with the CSV sets up a schedule of service

Agencies are encouraged to follow the same procedure used with other volunteers, including volunteer orientations, paperwork, or background checks. 

While the volunteer is engaged in community service, the agency tracks all hours completed. Service hours are posted electronically to the agency’s online account. Once community service is completed, the site supervisor notifies the program manager.

Agencies are encouraged to contact the program manager if a volunteer is not a good fit and an alternate placement as needed.

We are also interested in favorable and outstanding comments related to each volunteer since this can shared with the court.

Training is available.

Need to make a referral of a community service volunteer?

Questions? Email us.

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