Volunteering together as a family has many benefits. Working side by side provides opportunities for a shared experience, connection, and conversation, and family members get to see each other in a new light. Volunteering also cultivates empathy, encourages kindness and gratitude, and shows even the youngest child how a small positive act can make a big difference.

For those who are just starting to volunteer, making sandwiches for people who don't have enough food is a good opportunity to introduce your child to volunteering. Children generally enjoy helping others. It's up to us to foster their natural instincts for empathy and compassion and provide opportunities for kids to give to others and to be grateful for what’s been given to them.

Family Volunteer Day

Every year, Volunteer Alexandria implements a Family Volunteer Day to engage families in service and help other families in need.

On Saturday, November 23, more than 130 volunteers created 300 goody bags for low-income families who participate in our Community Drive in December. Volunteers decorated bags, filled them with candy and small toys, as well as created hundreds gift tags for the wrapping of the presents.