Safety is important to us and we are take special precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic

Thank you for trusting us to participate in our programming. We will take several safety measures in order to keep us all safe. Please ensure that you and your child are aware of these procedures and agree to follow them:

  • No one is eligible to volunteer if they experience any of the symptoms.
  • You must agree and understand the inherent risks for yourself to participate in our programs. 
  • As a parent/guardian, you must agree and understand the inherent risks for your child to participate in our programs.
  • All volunteers must wear a face covering at all times – neck gaiters are not allowed as scientific studies has decided that these are not appropriate to stop droplets from spreading.
  • All tables, chairs, any supplies, and materials have been disinfected prior to the start.
  • Volunteers will be supplied their own materials and will not share - unless they are a siblings or live with one another.
  • When entering the building, all volunteers will wash their hands and staff will take their temperature. For our multiple day programs, temperatures will be checked every day. 
  • Volunteers and staff will wear a mask at all times.
  • When inside, possible doors and windows will be open and the volunteers will be placed at least 6ft apart.
  • Siblings and families are allowed to sit together.
  • Breaks are allowed to be taken outside if the work is only indoors.
  • When outside, volunteers may take their masks off ONLY when 10ft apart.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at all times.
  • Volunteers not obeying with these rules will be expelled immediately from the program.
  • While volunteering and working with any food or food related items, gloves will be provided on site for volunteers and staff. 

Please review the Volunteer Guidelines before volunteering!