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Legal Professionals

We serve attorneys, public defenders, parole/probation officers, court officials and case counselors to register new community service volunteers.

What’s Community Service Volunteers?

Our program is an essential resource for people required by the courts to perform community service. Supported by the City of Alexandria and the Alexandria Bar Association, Community Service matches registered program participants with community-based and public agencies that offer purpose-oriented supervised volunteer opportunities. People required by the court to complete community service as part of their sentence may be referred by an attorney, probation officer or a case advocate to complete community service before their court date or paying off court costs with community service. 

Our process:

  • Get started with our online referral form.
  • Clients pay a placement fee. Please describe any financial hardships on the form.
  • A program manager interviews the volunteer candidate and may offer a full or partial fee waiver based on the applicant’s circumstances.
  • The volunteer gets placed with a suitable agency.
  • When the required hours are completed, we’ll send you and the volunteer a completion letter.

Register for volunteer service: All candidates for community service must complete an online community service application form. The program manager will discuss the info you provide and community service opportunities during an assessment interview. 

Schedule an interview: The online registration form includes a prompt to schedule an appointment with the program manager. Call 571-385-0056 if you have questions. Interviews are scheduled Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. ET. In certain cases, interviews may be scheduled outside of those hours. Interviews are mandatory prior to placement with an agency.

Assessment interview: During the 30-minute interviews, we discuss charges, work experience, skills, interests, availability, transportation resources and program guidelines. Candidates are advised to have any pertinent case information from the court, an attorney, and/or probation officer. A photo ID may be required in addition to a program fee.

Placement: Placement with a community service agency is based on the information provided and may be influenced by the charge, transportation resources, time availability, skills, and experiences. Additional placements may be necessary when an individual is not able to complete his/her hours at their original worksite. 

Tracking and completion: Once the volunteer hours are met, no later than three business days before the assigned court date, the site supervisor will confirm the service hours were completed and email the Volunteer Alexandria. Then we’ll mail a completion letter to the legal representative or court contact person on the intake form and email a copy to the volunteer via email. In some cases the completion letter may be mailed.

Questions? Contact the program manager at or at 571-385-0056.

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