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About Community Service Volunteers


In FY2020, 183 community service clients contributed over 8,400 hours in service,

valued at over $215,700.


Community Service Volunteers | Legal Professionals | Nonprofits, Faith-based and City Agencies


Community Service Volunteers serves individuals in need of performing community service due to a court decision, recommendation from an attorney or because of paying court fees and fines. No matter the reason, we are here for you and will place you with an agency to perform your hours. ACS is a fee-based placement program.


Our program goals are: 

To place court-referred volunteers in community service settings for constructive completion of required hours;
To provide nonprofits with valuable volunteers; and
To reduce expenses for government programs which would otherwise have to incorporate these individuals.


 are referred to Volunteer Alexandria through courts, probation officers, lawyers, or city agencies and after completing the intake process, are placed with a nonprofit or civic organization to complete their hours.


Volunteer Alexandria handles all required paperwork, including a completion letter that is sent when hours are finished.


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