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Be proactive and make your own emergency preparedness planIn Alexandria, there have been terrorist's attacks, tornados, flash floods, earthquakes and even water main breaks and power outages that have impacted our community for days at a time. Does everyone in the household know what to do?  Where to go? Do you have pets? 

BE PREPARED! We emphasize individual, family and pets preparation for disasters and emergencies – from flooding to an active shooter situation. Residents should be familiar with critical local information such as community alerts and warning systems, shelter locations, have a kit and make a plan.

MAKE A PLAN - Many times, family members are not together when a disaster strikes. Because of that, the plan should include ways to contact one another and two places to meet – one near the home in case of a sudden emergency like a fire, and one outside the neighborhood in case situations prevent people from returning home. The plan should identify an emergency contact person from outside the area in case local telephone lines are overloaded or out of service. Any emergency plan should include the place/location if ordered to evacuate and what route to take to get there. Think of alternate routes in case roads are closed. Don’t forget your family pets. Make sure to include plans for them, such as a list of pet-friendly hotels and animal shelters along the evacuation route.

MAKE A KIT - Another step to get ready is to build a kit. It should contain a three-day supply of water per each family member, nonperishable food, flashlight, battery-operated radio, extra batteries, first aid kit, supply of medication, money, sanitation and personal hygiene items and copies of important personal documents.

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