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Meals On Wheels Association of America

On September 1, 2009, the MOWAA Board of Directors approved a new vision for the Meals On Wheels Association of America: to end senior hunger by 2020. In order to turn this 2020 vision into a reality, we have started a national movement to end senior hunger by 2020: Our goal is to recruit 6 million people who are willing to stand up and pledge to do what it takes to end senior hunger. Senior hunger in America is a monumental problem. The latest research reveals 8.3 million seniors in the United States faced the threat of hunger. Looking at the numbers, it is easy to become discouraged. Looking at the people whom the numbers represent, however, impels us to action and helps develop our plan. Because of the magnitude of the problem, we know that we cannot solve it overnight or with a single project or initiative. MOWAA's four pillars outlines our comprehensive approach to ending senior hunger.

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