Community Service volunteers provide thousands of community service hours every year and are a valuable resource that nonprofit and city agencies can utilize. Volunteers perform a wide variety of tasks, including office help, cleaning, landscaping, painting, providing customer service, sorting and organizing donations, taking photos, write newsletter, and many other ways. 

To become a placement site, the ACS Manager will conduct a site visit with the site supervisor and go over all details. The agency will specify which charges they are able to accept, what time they are available to have volunteers complete hours, which tasks they will have volunteers complete, and how many volunteers they will be able to accommodate at a time. The ACS Manager and the site supervisor will also sign an MOU.

When the agency has signed an MOU, the ACS Manager will place clients who have completed an intake interview with the organization based on the specified criteria. The clients will then contact the site supervisor to set up a schedule with the client.  Agencies are encouraged to follow the same procedure used with other volunteers, including volunteer orientations, paperwork, or background checks. 

While the volunteer is completing community service hours, we ask that the agency track the hours that the client completes.  Each volunteer is provided a timesheet to track hours, but agencies are encouraged to utilize their own time tracking method if that is more convenient. When the client has completed, we ask that the site supervisor e-mail or fax the completed timesheet to the ACS Manager.

Agencies do have the right to notify the ACS Manager if a volunteer is not following the ACS guidelines or the rules the agency has outlined. The ACS Manager will find an alternate placement as needed.

If you are a nonprofit or city agency and would like to use ACS volunteers in your organization, please contact Muata Jordan Langley, ACS Manager, at 703-836-2176 or