Award Categories, Forms & Previous Winners

Marian Van Landingham Lifetime Achievement Award Form. This award is given to an Alexandria community member who has served this community consistently over his or her lifetime. Nominees have served one or more agencies in many different capacities and can include people who have served on boards, commissions, and in organizing roles. 
Previous winners include: William Willis, Pat Miller, John Porter, David Speck, Nina Tisara, Allen Lomax, Lyles Carr, Val Hawkins, Gene Steuerle, Kerry Donley, Julie Jakopic and Jim Durham.

Joan White Grassroots Service Award Form. This award is given to one or more volunteers who have selflessly committed time, energy, and skills to help organizations further their missions. 
Previous winners include: Brooke Curran, Patty Moran, Seena Foster, Scott Kahler, Marya Fitzgerald, Donald White, Susanne Arnold, Steve Nearman, Maria Carbrera, Ray Gingrich, Eleanor Lindeman, Donna Reuss and  Jane Powell.  

Youth Volunteer Service Award Form. Given to a youth volunteer, age 12 – 18 years, who has selflessly committed time, energy and skills to help a cause or an organization to further its mission.
Previous winners include: Emma West, Yahya Yaziji, Isabella Lovain, Day'Quon Henderson, the Bryce Project and Odalis del Cid Reyes.

Emergency Preparedness Volunteer Service Award Form. Given to an Alexandria community member or group who demonstrated a unique and sustained contribution to Alexandria’s emergency preparedness. Nominees will exhibit an awareness of and commitment to the safety and well-being of the community, its citizens and guests. 
Previous winners include: Marco Johnson, American Legion Post#24 and Marjorie Windelberg.

RSVP Award Form. Given to an RSVP Northern Virginia volunteer who has used their skills and interests to make a valuable, lasting impact in our community.
Previous winners include: Denise Mackie-Smith and Celia Boertlein. Previously mentioned for hours include: Betty Gentile, Salvatore Manno.

Volunteer Service Recognition - Hours - Form