Thank you to our Volunteer HEROES 2021!

Volunteers, who gave their time, energy, and talents

to those who need help.  

Joan White Volunteer Service Award Recipients are:

Cynthia Chin - Mentor and Creative Director volunteer with Space of her Own. Cynthia has used her creativity and passion to empower and inspire girls and her experience as an Asian-American woman to spread a message of acceptance; from mentor to board member, co-program manager, and creative director, her volunteer service has been instrumental in enhancing and expanding youth programs in Alexandria.

Phyllis & Anthony Johnson - Volunteers for the West End Food pantry. Both volunteers replaced senior volunteers during COVID and worked numerous nights so the pantry can stay open during the pandemic and hungry families could be fed.

John Perlman - Volunteers for the food program and delivers groceries and serves on the Early Childhood committee for ALIVE! John is a warm, giving individual who is eager to help those around him, particularly those who are struggling, and Alexandria is the better for his being part of it.

RSVP Volunteer Service Award is given to Charlotte Martinsson - Serves on ALIVE!’s executive board, volunteers for several programs - Food, Family Assistance, and for the Quarantine Food Program. Charlotte’s dedication to her fellow city residents through her commitment to volunteerism is unmatched in many ways. Since her retirement from her career, she now “works” nearly full-time as an unpaid volunteer, serving the City of Alexandria wherever she is needed.

Business Philanthropist of the Year Award is given to Kelly Grant, alxCommunity – Kelly is the co-founder of the drive-in movies, which allowed families to enjoy movies and agencies to receive unrestricted money. The drive-in was a labor of love for which 12k people attended, raised over $100,000. ALX donated over $30,000 along with $50,000 in labor.

alxCommunity has dedicated itself to supporting several different agencies by donating hundreds of gifts during the holidays, making 18.5k sandwiches for the homeless and kids in need, and has been the home of Spring2ACTion, as well as has been 1 of the top 5 fundraisers. Kelly also created the RBG candlelight walk, gave 20k+ of free event space to nonprofits as well as free memberships, and offers military and veterans special discounted rates for their special events and memberships.  

Emergency Preparedness Volunteer Service Award Recipients are:

Bridget Donohue - Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) volunteer for the Alexandria Health Department; answered Information Line Call Center. Bridget selfless donation of time, effort, and compassion in the face of the COVID-19 crisis is amazing. She became a call center supervisor and passed on her passion for delving into an issue to find the best possible solution for the caller.

Paul Mazzuca - Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) for the Alexandria Health Department. Paul became an MRC volunteer because he was eager to help the community with the pandemic response and he helped with contact tracing, testing events, mailing negative results, and with the call center.


Above & Beyond Recognition During a Time of COVID Award is Given to:

Allen Brooks, The Garden and Building Momentum - Co-founder of the drive-in movies, which allowed families to enjoy movies and agencies to receive unrestricted money.

Holly Batal - Volunteered for Safehouse and hotline for the Alexandria Domestic Violence Program. Holly is passionate, committed, and driven about assisting victims experiencing violence.

Kobi Carter - Teacher, tutor, translator, interpreter, registration assistant, and Zoom coach for the Literacy Council of NoVa. Starting from a place of genuine empathy and optimism, Kobi forges strong ties with the community she serves and provides skilled guidance and encouragement that allows their aspirations to become tangible and their goals possible.

Elyse Demaray - Writer and researcher for grants and the newsletter that help tell the story for Community Lodgings. Elyse helped the agency to find their voice in their written communication.

Haywon Kim - Volunteered with Learn & PlayGroup as co-facilitator for the group of children with the Center for Alexandria's Children. Haywon is an invaluable member of the team as she continually demonstrates her unwavering generosity with her time, her willingness to help in whatever capacity needed and her dedication and commitment to the families being served.

Mike Mixon - RSVP Northern Virginia volunteer who works with the American Red Cross to assist with disasters. Mike has truly made an impact in the community and gives his time and efforts selflessly and is happy to do so no matter what.

Maria Sanchez-Carlo - Volunteered with the Groceries to Go and Friendly Visitor program with Senior Services of Alexandria. In giving selflessly and without seeking in return, and spending her time genuinely listening to and engaging with the seniors she comes in regular contact with, Maria's efforts embody the agency's mission to foster the independence and self-sufficiency that enables the City's seniors to age with dignity.

Kenneth Tieu - Mentor for high school students with the Dream Project. The agency faced great uncertainty in establishing an online program when Kenneth joined them in the venture and excelled at providing guidance to his students.

Mike Zito - Mentor for high school students. Mike is a wonderful addition to the Dream Project mentoring program and has developed a strong relationship with his mentee despite the online environment limitations.

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