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Future Next Corporation

Future Next Corporation, also known as (FNC), is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization which provides resources, support, and guidance to young people ages 4 through 20, as well as their families. FNC is most commonly known for providing unique year around tutorial and enrichment programs to the area's most vulnerable youth. How We Advance Our Mission We work closely with students, parents, educators, schools districts, community leaders, and government officials to raise awareness for the need of after school programs that focus on academic enhancement. FNC does this by creating meaningful programs that encourage and support children and teens' academic levels, self-esteem, confidence, self expression, in addition to life and leadership skills. Also, we help identify their gifts and talents through community service, career exploration and team building. These activities cultivate cultural pride, awareness, and conviction while identifying personal growth opportunities. FNC creates a safe, fun, and nurturing environment at the most crucial hours when children are most vulnerable: after school and in the summer months.

Children & Youth Education