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Organization Profile

MedStreet, Inc.

Our Mission is to bring the physician to the sick. Where they lay. On the streets. Under the bridges. In the camps. Wherever they need us. Four essential principles guide MedStreet's work: Healing: Homeless people need healing. They are exposed to cold, heat, humidity, mosquitoes, poor hygiene, and the unforgiving cement. They shiver in the winter, sweat in the summer, and roam the streets for safety all-year-around. Teaching: Homeless people need education. They are surrounded by unhealthy influences and overwhelmed by unhealthy habits. In addition to providing medications, we take to the streets to teach the importance of healthy hygiene, healthy choices, and medication compliance. In our teaching, we learn about others. Bridging: Homeless people need a bridge to cross from their current position to greener pastures. We provide a bridge from an unhealthy situation to a healthier one. We help bridge from hunger to satiety, from infection to cure, from pain to ease, and from loneliness to community. Loving: Homeless people need love. They are alone, estranged, depressed, and sometimes suicidal. Love is found in action. Action speaks louder than words.

Health & Wellness
Sanford, NC, 27330