Where do I sign up?

All individuals are required to register at www.volunteeralexandria.org/volunteer-sign-up and sign the waiver for the City of Alexandria Parks & Recreational


What is considered an Individual Park Clean-up?

An individual park clean-up is classified as an individual up to 2 volunteers or one family (5 or less) that wish to help collect trash at one of the local City of Alexandria’s parks.


Can I bring my family and friends?

Families are welcomed to participate up to 4 people total. If you have more than 5 family members helping to clean-up, please sign-up for a group clean-up – HERE.


What times can I schedule a park clean-up for?

Volunteers will sign up for a time frame Friday – Wednesday. Park clean ups will need to be completed by Wednesday to return supplies back to Volunteer Alexandria. See volunteer sign-up page to see which weeks are available.


Do I need to pick up supplies?

Yes, a picker and garbage bag are available to reserve when you sign up for a date to help clean a park. If you have your own supplies you wish to use, you do not have to use our supplies to clean the park.


Where do I pick up supplies? There are two locations: For any parks in the West End, pick up and drop off supplies at the Animal Shelter on Eisenhower Ave.  For all other parks, supplies can be picked up and dropped off at Volunteer Alexandria’s office located at 123 N. Alfred Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.


What days/times can I pick-up/drop-off materials to park clean-up?

  • Supply Pick-up Day: Thursdays 10AM – 4PM
  • Supply Drop-off Days: Tuesdays & Wednesdays 10AM – 2PM
  • Volunteering on the West End? Contact the Animal Shelter on Eisenhower Ave. to pick-up and drop off supplies there.


How long do I have until I need to return supplies?

Within the week when you complete the park clean up.


What is included in materials supplied to volunteers for Individual Park Clean-up?

Materials included are trash bag, trash picker for up to 2 people, and yellow vest(s). We recommend that you bring your own pair of working gloves.


What should I do with my waiver?

Waivers should be turned in to Volunteer Alexandria the day you pick-up your supplies/materials. Please make sure to accept Volunteer Alexandria’s Volunteer Agreement associated with the sign-up page as well as the City of Alexandria’s waiver.


How do I track what I pick-up/collect?

Please download the FREE Clean Swell app. If you do not have the ability to download the app, please fill out the form, return to Volunteer Alexandria when you arrive to drop off supplies, and share your data with adoptapark@alexandriava.gov.

 Click HERE to download the app for iPhone. Click HERE to download the app for Android.       

How do I use the app, Clean Swell?

1. Once you download the app, please make sure it can use your location and create an account.

2. When you arrive to the park the date you selected, please open the app and click on “Start Collecting.”

3. Fill in the following information: Date, # of People, and select the option “Land”

4. Click on “Start My Collection.”

5. A screen will pop-up with a grid with items. Select each item and the number of those items you collected. You can add items at the bottom that are not listed. If you need to delete an item, there’s an option to do so towards the bottom of the screen.

6. When you completed your clean-up, end your session on the app by clicking on “Done Collecting.”

7. You will be prompted to add the amount of time and weight of the trash you collected.

8. Click on “Submit My Data.”

9. Click “Share”

10. Select the email app that you use and send adoptapark@alexandriava.gov an email to let them know you where you have completed the clean-up.


What if I do not have a smart phone or capability to download the app? How do I track what I pick up?

If you do not have a smart phone or capability to download the Clean Swell app, collect a form to track your efforts on paper from Volunteer Alexandria when you arrive to pick-up your supplies/materials.


What parks can I choose from to schedule an individual park clean up?

Available Parks:

  • African American Heritage Park
  • Contrabands & Freedman Cemetery
  • Point Lumley
  • Powhattan Park
  • Roberdeau Park                                                                  
  • Waterfront Park North
  • Waterfront Park South
  • Windmill Hill East
  • Windmill Hill West
  • Click Here to Access the City's Directory of Parks' Addresses of Each Park Listed Above

Do I need to wear a mask?

While masks aren’t mandatory to wear in Alexandria, we strongly advise that all volunteers wear a masks IF there are any other people are in the park.


What to do with the trash bags once you finish your clean-up?

Trash bags should be set by one of the City of Alexandria’s metal trash cans at the park along with any larger items that you may find (example: tires). City is notified of your clean-up end time when you send results of your park clean-up through the Clean Swell App.


What can be recycled versus thrown away when picking up trash?

These clean-ups are for litter pick up only so please put all trash in the trash bags and do not separate any trash from recycling if your clean-up is along the shoreline. Any trash found along the shoreline is considered a hazard so all can be thrown in the same bag. Leave trash bags near a City trash can at the park and trash will be picked up as part of the regular service route.