Recent Outreach & Events

Irish Festival

One of the greatest events in August was the Emergency Preparedness Outreach at the Irish Festival, August 8. Volunteer Alexandria was able to recruit volunteers to help the Ballyshaners with the logistics and various jobs during the festival. John J. Kelly, the Chairman of Ballyshaners said: “Thank you all for your WONDERFUL support of our Irish Festival. We have gotten so many wonderful comments from vendors, our Ballyshaners, and  the folks from the City for the fantastic support of all volunteers.”

Volunteer Alexandria was able to recruit 12 volunteers to help vendors set up and break down, check ID’s and sell beer, walk the premises for security purposes. “The volunteers who worked the Irish Festival on August 8 were extremely helpful to the Ballyshaners staff working the event. Their presence was especially welcome in the time immediately preceding and following the festival, when they were able to assist the vendors with unloading and loading their supplies. Throughout the day, they performed all the jobs that were requested of them, without hesitation or complaint.
On behalf of the Ballyshaners organization, please express our gratitude to the volunteers individually for a job well done.” Mike Pablo, the Vice President of Ballyshaners.