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Webinar: Get YOUR Projects Done - even when you're busy(for volunteer managers and development directors) 
Thursday, March 30, 2:00 pm - 3:00

Do the competing demands of nonprofit work leave you feeling like you can’t get around to the important things? We’re not talking about the big deliverables that are sure to get done – we’re talking about the projects that you know are essential but always fall to the bottom of the to-do list.

It’s possible to see your dream projects become realities – even when other plans take priority. The key is to create a simple system that keeps you motivated and moving forward. This interactive webinar is for volunteer managers and development directors who have great ideas for improving their programs and need a better way to make them happen. We will cover the essentials for project success in a nonprofit environment. Learn how to:

- Identify the support you need to keep going
- Increase accountability in a way that feels achievable
- Avoid the mind traps that sink your motivation

You will also receive a bonus Make It Happen workbook, with exercises and templates to help you put these new concepts into action. Space is limited to encourage participation. Register at http://getyourprojectsdonefornonprofits.eventbrite.com/

Twenty Hats Training Opportunities

Twenty Hats is authored by Elisa Kosarin, CVA, a nonprofit professional with 15+ years experience in marketing, development, and volunteer management. She is deeply familiar with the challenges faced by nonprofit staff who wish to improve their skills with little time and few resources.  She founded Twenty Hats to promote trainings that expand the skill base of her colleagues. To reach Elisa, contact TwentyHats@mail.com or (703) 967-3516.

Check out her Twenty Hats blog for posts on the most pressing issues and questions that Volunteer Engagement professionals have!